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Welcome to Delicacy Fruits Trading

Delicacy Fruits and Veg Import Export Trading is one of the leading ventures in imports exports and trading of fresh fruits across the globe, mainly in India, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Egypt and Turkey. We mainly deal with Iranian Apple, Turkey Apple, USA apple, USA pears, Egypt Citrus, South Africa Citrus, New Zealand Kiwi and plums. We also import apples, pears, grapes, oranges, pomegranates, plums, nectarines, kiwi fruits and mandarins from different parts of the world. Our established supply chain and distribution networks have their roots deep in many countries, round the globe.


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100% Natural and Fresh Fruits Product


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Our Mission

At Delicacy Fruits and Veg Import Export Trading we aim to provide an outstanding experience to our customers while becoming the #1 trusted trade partner for our suppliers across the globe.

Our motto is to blend a perfect mix of customer satisfaction by maintaining the affordability of imported fresh fruits matched with outstanding quality. We promote sustainable agricultural practices among our farmers and suppliers to ensure good health and environmental quality

Our Vision

At Delicacy Fruits and Veg Import Export Trading we believe in improving access to quality fresh fruit by sourcing the best quality products from our global network of suppliers for our India-wide network of loyal customers. We strive for economic sustainability and growth of our business and are able to supply supermarkets, wholesale fruit markets and your family table with the highest quality fresh produce. We pay the utmost importance to quality. While selecting farms and partner suppliers we focus on operating a short supply chain coupled with a state-of-the-art logistics system, backed by our modern cold-storage facilities that ensure you get the fruits as fresh as grown by mother nature. At Delicacy Fruits Trading., we deliver a whole world of freshness to you—no matter who, or where you are. We strive to be your top fresh fruit importer in India.

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